Sand Illumination™- Premier Sand Ceremony Set

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Sand Ceremony Set includes:
• Unity Vase - measures 9" tall with a 3 1/2" diameter at the opening for easy pouring
• Glass Oil lamp topper** 
• Three of the individual pouring vases (Bride, Groom & Spiritual Foundation)
- measure 7 1/2" tall with a 1 3/4" diameter
• Oil lamp funnel - not pictured
**oil for oil lamp not included

Three - One pound bags of sand in preselected color schemes

- Love [Red, Black & White Sand]

- Enchantment [White, Mauve & Rose]

- Delight [White, Magenta & Pink]

- Heart [White, Burgundy & Rose]

- Majesty [White, Purple & Lavender]

- Meadow [White, Green & Tan]

- Winter [White, Brick, Moss Green]

- Fall [White, Teal & Salmon]

- Summer [White, Orange & Yellow]

- Spring [White, Emerald Green & Light Green]

- Sky [White, Blue & Light Blue]

- Earth [White, Brown & Peach]

- Sand Illumination's Unity vase, with it's wide opening of 3 ½ inches does not require a funnel even when three or more people are pouring at the same time.
- Sand Illumination's delicate pouring vases allow for one handed pouring to provide for the best photographic opportunities of your special moment.
- Sealing of the oil lamp to provide long term protection from minor mishaps your unity vase will remain in perfect condition for years to come.
- Sand Illumination's Unity vase is 9 inches tall, the same height as most Unity candles, allows the people attending your wedding the opportunity to share in this special moment.
- U.S. Patent No. D631994

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